Fake Steve Jobs’s Split Personality

fake-steveIt’s tough to be Fake Steve Jobs nowadays.

Continuing in his role as FSJ, he has to defend all-things-Apple, especially from ruthless attackers like Google. (As a sidenote, did Vic Gundotra just have a Steve Jobs moment yesterday?)

On the other hand Fake Steve is also the Real Daniel Lyons.  One who actually uses smartphones, wants to pick what he really likes and is sick of his alter ego’s “censoring content, ruling out material that he deems to be offensive”.  To the point that he ditched the iPhone and switched to Android.

Now, which Steve / Daniel should we believe?  🙂

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Don Dodge Dumps Microsoft After it Dumps Him

It’s less than two weeks ago that Microsoft let Don Dodge go, along with 5,000 other employees.  He parted gracefully, then soon posted:

Getting dumped by Microsoft was a life changing event…for the better. The future is very bright. The opportunities are amazing.

Don probably set a World Record in the speed of getting a new job offer:

Vic Gundotra at Google was the first one to contact me with an opportunity…90 minutes after the news of the layoff hit. That fast decisive action was refreshing, and such a contrast to the slow, secretive, bureaucracy at Microsoft

Not only the outreach was quick, but the entire hiring process concluded in days, which is highly unlikely for Google. Yes, Don Dodge is now with Google and it did not take long for him to dump the remainder of his Microsoft life:

  • Thanks Microsoft Outlook, but I’m going to Gmail.
  • Thanks Microsoft Office Office 2007, but I’m going to Google Docs.
  • Thanks Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5, but I’m going to Google Android.
  • Thanks Microsoft Internet Explorer, but I’m moving to Google Chrome.

Yes, I’m sure Microsoft made the right move, getting rid of a well known public face of the company was all worth it, and now this very public slap in the face is just the icing on the cake.  Well, Google was smart enough to turn Microsoft’s loss into their own gain 🙂

Congrat’s to Don for landing on his feet extra-fast, and – to paraphrase his blog title – moving onto The REAL Next Big Thing.

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