Brits, the Masters of the Universe… the Facebook Universe

University of Salford

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The University of Salford in Manchaster will offer a Masters degree in Social Media, focusing on Facebook and Twitter.

Salford claims to be the world’s first to offer a Masters course in social media, but they are not.  That title goes to Birmingham City University which announced their one-year course in Social Media in March. For a cool £4,400 ($7,200) you get a Master’s Degree of … well, let’s just say questionable value. 

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Twitter Hashtag Streams

Here’s a cleansed (PG-13?) and somewhat humorous (?) sampling of the recently trending #3wordsduringsex and 3wordsaftersex hashtags on Twitter:

You bent it!

is it in?

So it’s detachable?

damn she’s home

episode 3 begins….

who are you?

Got a Sister ?

moneys on dresser

That was all?

what’s ur name

again next year

where’s the exit ?

what was that?!

(Photo credit: Geek Mom Mashup)