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Office 2.0 Awards

Live from the Office 2.0 Conference, where the winners of the audience votes are just being announced:

Best Ofice 2.0 Suite:  Joyent

Best of Show:  EchoSign

Best Demo:

#1 Vyew ;    #2 Wufoo;  #3 Koral

Congratulations to the winners – and all other presenters!

Update (10/13) Unfortunately there was some trouble with the voting.



  1. Office 2.0 Winners Announced

    Thanks to Zoli Erdos for reporting the award-winners from Office 2.0.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Agree it was a shame about the voting. Several of us voted and had our SMS messages bounce back. However, I would say:

    1. Ismael did a GREAT job with the conference overall so I did cut him some slack

    2. EchoSign is really cool (despite having 15 votes for every conference attendee!). I sponsored the conference and it cut down my contract admin time dramatically.

    Was great to meet you at the show. Long live Colbert bridge and long live elevators with no doors!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Mark, I agree in both, in fact that’s exactly my point: the conference was great, and EchoSign is a useful service, whoever launched a script on the poll did not do them a favor…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey Zoli- I am hoping that since my company (SAP) was sponsoring the event I will soon see some of these great applications in our workplace. Joyent is definitely an application that could integrate well with existing corporate infrastructure…

  5. Zoli, interesting development on the awards front, and other than your post, I haven’t read anything else about it. Just my two cents, I also voted for SiteKreator and FreshBooks, because those apps will actually be deployed in my office as of this week.

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