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Why I’m NOT Writing about Google Apps

Of course it’s a significant  move.  Not that it happened today… or was unexpected.  It’s been evolving in front of our eyes, the significant news IMHO is not the pricing, but the Service Level guarantee of 99.9%.

(Well, on second thought, there is a surprise: where is JotSpot?)

But is there anything else to discussNot really, already dozens of posts appeared, and before  you know TechMeme will become useless for the next two days, as it will be completely overwhelmed with me-too posts on the Google announcement.

I’ve actually been planning a more speculative post on Google’s foray into the SMB Business Applications market, but that will now have to wait for the echo to die off….

Update: Hehe .. Robert got to the same conclusion.  

Update (2/22):  Sound of reality from Zoho’s CEO:

“Our business plan is not based on us beating Microsoft or Google, it is based on serving customers well enough to earn a profitable share of the market. Business is not superbowl, though it often appears that way in a 24×7 news cycle. It is perfectly possible for a smaller company to offer a compelling product to customers and earn a perfectly good living, without “winning” the market.”


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