Trouble Cooking for the GYM

Jeff Clavier ponders about startups’ hiring difficulties in the face of competition from the “Big 3”: Talent grabbing war at the GYM

“Did you also have this feeling that the “Big 3” (Google, Yahoo and Microsoft – let’s refer to them as the GYM) were not only deploying new features on an accelerated “tit for tat” basis, but they are also on a wide ranging talent grab ? I bet you did…”

Well, it would appear there’s one talent in even shorter supply then engineering, and this one is not even high-tech.  Google is having trouble filling two Executive Chef positions.   It must be a VIP position, a Google VP heads up the Selection Committee.

 “It’s been a challenge to get someone who has the scale and quality (to live up to the company’s expectations),” said Susan Wojcicki, a Google vice president on the hiring committee. “
(LA Times via SFGate)

 Google plans to invite the top applicants for a cook-off, preparing meals for several dozen members of a tasting committee that probably will include co- founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

I’ll be happy to volunteer my services on the Tasting Committee

Update (8/5): I thought it might be appropriate  to link to a Google Lunch Menu.  (Baileys Irish Cream Cheesecake.. ahh).  Notice where it  is posted: on Google’s Job Opportunities! 🙂

Update (8/15): (G)oops, now they can’t even throw a party! 🙂

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