Web 4.0


What’s Web 4.0? I don’t know, but I’m declaring it’s coming soon:-)
David Hornik talks about Social Networks 3.0, Phil Wainewright and others about Web 3.0 – I had to jump on the trend before becoming obsolete:-) Web 2.0 is so passe…

But back to 2.0 for a moment: we’re moving off the desktop onto the Web. We now have Writely, Meebo, Backpack, Goowy, Zimbra, Zvents, Zoozio , Eskobo… we may have Google Calendar soon.

AJAX Office everywhere. Some of these products/companies grew out of nowhere in 5–6 months. Which reminds me: where’s Chandler, years in the making?

Update (12/06) : Mitch Kapor just answered the “where is Chandler?” question. On second thought.. did he?

Update (1/29/08)Chandler: No Version 1.0 After 7 Years – Can it Survive Post-Kapor?

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  1. You should check out AirSet too – great (calendaring) product

  2. yep…..web 4.0

    let’s take a stab.

    I’m betting if you put together voip on mobile phones, some new hardware from the likes of Nokia and Intel, sown together with plenty of wireless hotspots….it might start to look something like it.

    I’m thinking cross technology, cross biology for web 5.0

  3. Next Generation Web (definitely not 2.0)

    I had posted a reference to the term ” Web 2.0 ” a little while ago on my blog . But while I got absorbed in the term 2.0, there were others who were way ahead:
    Web 3.0 A List Apart: Articles: Web 3.0 What to expect from Web 3.0 Web 3.0

  4. Anonymous says

    yes i want see web 4.0 soon

  5. Anonymous says

    You should have declared it sooner.
    Web 4.0 is already here. A campaign to stop all nonsense technology hype.

  6. Anonymous says

    Sooner? If you look at the date of this post, it’s half a year before you created the website 🙂

  7. But I’ve Already Booked 4.0

    Lots of noise about Web 3.0: The NYT, Between the lines, Valleywag, Screenwerk, Scripting News,  Center for Citizen Media, larry borsato, A VC, Mark Evans, deal architect, Rough type, Ross Mayfield and just about the entire Blogosphere… But I’ve…

  8. Anonymous says

    what’s with that link? all i know about web 4.0: “Steven Pemberton will give a talk entitled Web 4.0: Now’s the Time to Plan at the Web and Beyond Conference.”

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