Naked (?) Party at TechCrunch

It only took 40 minutes for the 5th TechCrunch Party to “sell out” after Mike announced it on his blog. 200+ people registered on the wiki, and those left out left out are asking for unused slots or even offering Mike $$$ to get in … Wow, talk about popularity! (see my notes on a previous party).Nc125 On a hunch I checked eBay – nothing yet

Departing from the original formula, the 4th one became a launch party for Riya – this time it’s a celebration of the launch of Naked Conversations, the new book by Shel Israel and Robert Scoble.

Having just seen Chris Pirillo’s Naked Review, and knowing there will be a heated tent in the backyard makes me wonder .. hm.. will there be a format change? Just how naked will this party be?

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