After the 43 Wiki Prank, 33 Wikis is Real

The 43 Wiki prank was just that: a joke and social experiment. Everyone could have their 5 (?) minutes of fame.

33 Wikis, on the other hand is a series worth keeping an eye on:  it will be a 33–day series featuring best practices in wiki-based collaboration.  You can nominate your own wiki-project in the comments area.   (hat tip: Ross Mayfield)

Unrelated, but should anyone wonder, 23 is a photo-sharing service, a’la Flickr, and 23half is a new information discovery service for mobile phones.

I think I’ll leave 13 alone, but perhaps it’s time to register 53 and 53quarter...

Update (3/27):  And now, thanks to Robert Scoble, we know what 72 Degrees are.

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