Office 2.0 Awards: A Quiz

What do the following have in common?

  • Julia French
  • A yet-to-be-built bridge in Budapest
  • EchoSign

OK, to avoid any unnecessary excitement, here’s the answer: they all got far too many votes.

Socialtext’s Julia French and Stirr’s Joey Wan were the two finalists in ValleyWag’s Ms. Web 2.Ooh! contest when a Julia-fan (or not?) created a script and bombed the poll with 8000 or so votes.  Julia really didn’t need this “support” – hey, I voted fo her smile_wink – and certainly did not need the disqualification as a result of spam by someone else. 

The Hungarian government announced an Internet poll to come up with the most popular name for a bridge to be built in Budapest, over the river Danube.  Little did they know the Internet does not know geographical boundaries: Stephen Colbert publicly called his loyal viewers to vote on him, and he ended up winning with 17 million votes.  Not bad, except for the fact that the entire population of Hungary is 10 million, and Budapest has about 2 million residents.

EchoSign is an interesting company that simplifies the process of getting contracts/documents signed, distributed, archived. ( I wrote about them here).  They received the “Best Of Show” award at the Office 2.0 Conference yesterday. See a partial snapshot of the poll here.

Overwhelming win. A little too overwhelming.  The Office 2.0 Conference was a success, instead of the originally expected 200 participants the organizers managed to squeeze in 350 – but where is the other 4,300 coming from? 

Echosign did not need this, just like Julia did not need it. The Office 2.0 Conference did not need it.  The real participants who voted for their favorites deserve better. 





  1. Argh.

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