Protecting Children in the 21st Century by Tossing them Back to the 19th Century

I don’t  understand  this  uproarOf course Senator Ted Stevens is right.  Social networking sites should be banned. The Internet, too.  And TV. In fact, let’s ban electricity.  Books should be burned, except the Bible.  All children should wear a black uniform, their heads shaved bald.  Libraries, schools closed, children should only go to church.  Wait! Have they not been sent to re-education camps yet?

(I’ll be back with more great ideas after getting some inspiration from here)



  1. Ted Stevens And Libraries

    Okay, I just have a few things to say about this Ted Stevens library banning social media sites, possibly including Wikipedia situation:
    The internet is the new library. Whenever I want to research something, do I go to my local library and type someth…

  2. So is it your opinion, then, that sexual predators are not actually a problem? Or, just that the federal government has no business looking for ways to protect children from them?

    The number of sexual predators being caught lately is both staggering and alarming. Do a quick google search and I think you may be surprised at what you find. One shouldn’t be so surprised that people might want to take steps to protect their children and one certainly shouldn’t be so condenscending towards such people.

    This bill comes across as a knee jerk reaction to a big problem our society is facing. I think that is how a great number of our misguided laws came onto the books.

    I think that a bill aimed at protecting children from something that a lot of people obviously don’t understand very well deserves more serious discussion than what you just provided.

    Of course, it’s always easier to tear apart other peoples ideas than it is contribute your own. Isn’t it?


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