Underbidding Dave Winer – Technorati Still Needs a White Knight

Dave Winer laments about the volatility of Technorati ranks. (thanks for the heads up, John), He then comes to the conclusion:

PPS: Please, could someone with some longevity and system management expertise buy Technorati. Think of it this way. McAfee in some sense owns the Oakland Coliseum. Monster owns Candlestick. AT&T owns the stadium where the Giants play. Okay, what if IBM owned Technorati, it would then be called the IBM 100. Think about the goodwill you’d buy. You’d be famous as the arbiter of popularity in the blogosphere. You’d be thanked for bringing stability to a metric that desperately needs it. Sifry, if this approach works, you owe me 1 percent. Permalink to this paragraph

I suppose it’s not only about the “authority”, Dave must have seen the same “Monster” I did this morning… not for the first time, and not the last.  In fact the Monster is quite a regular figure at Technorati.  So regular, that I repeatedly came to the same conclusion Dave Winer did:

Technorati is Dying Again (Still?). White Knight Needed.

Technorati Still Needs a White Knight

Somebody Please Acquire Technorati. NOW!!!

I’ve stated repeatedly that T’ratty is a great IP company, true innovator, it just can’t cope with the infrastructure demands of tracking the ever-growing blogosphere.

So, here’s the deal: since Dave Winer wants 1% of the deal, I under-bid him: I’ll take only 0.5%.   On second thought… I realize who you are is more important than what you say… so I humbly reduce my already discounted bid to 0.1%.

Or … you know what?  I’ll give it away, just get the deal done! smile_wink


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