Digging Into What it Takes to get Dugg up to the Digg Homepage

(I could not stuff that title with more digg & dugg…). Anyway, Clickalite did some digging into how often the Technorati 100 gets dugg up to the Digg homepage. 92 of the Technorati 100 are English-language blogs, and 76 of them made it to the homepage (you know, dugg up on Digg). The leader of the pack , Ars Technica made it a whopping 1350 times! TechCrunch only got dugg up 533 times, and Mike has said before he only gets about 10% of his traffic from Digg – no wonder, with over half a million subscribers.

Well, I’m just a little rookie blogger compared to Mike, but even I’ve made it into the Top 100, and I did not need the “digg effect” – only made it to the home page about 3 times, if memory serves me well.

In fact, I am #1 on Technorati! But wait… is was Aaron, Brownbaron, Sizlopedia, Matt, Shaun, Eclectic Life, Grokdotcom,*  and a number other blogs I’ve never heard of before. Hm… quite a few to share my throne withsmile_embaressed. Turns out this Saturday was “Everybody No 1 on Technorati Day”. Good for Clickalite not having done his (manual) research on Saturday….

Btw, there was more trouble with T’rati that day. If you look at the pic here, I seem to have 0 (yes, zero) blog reactions to my blog. Now, I know my “authority” has been in a free-fall (lost about 30% so far) since moving to WordPress recently, but how did I make it to even 484 with 0 links?

Oh, well… still waiting for that White Knight.

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* Groktodcom on the messed up Technorati authority:

If rank meant everything,  every blogger who’s had even one link documented by Technorati could rejoice more than they already are after being accidentally ranked #1 todaythanks to a glitch.   f rank meant everything, you wouldn’t have to create fresh, original contentIf rank meant everything, blogs wouldn’t be worth reading.   Everyone would be baiting links (like I am).  Like money, when rank means everything, it means nothingDo blog readers really care about rank?  😉

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  1. haha yup i was dissapointed when they fixed the ranks, i enjoyed being ranked #1 for a bit lol.

  2. Thanks for the mention Zoli!:) I partied hard while it lasted!

    Shine on,

  3. haha well everybody deserves to be number one sometimes.. it makes us all happy. in fact technorati should do this every now and then. especially on April Fools day 🙂

  4. They should do that with Alexa and Google too haha.

  5. Zoli, thank you for the link. And to Shaun’s point, I am not sure Technorati stuff is fixed in any way 😉

  6. Thanks for the mention, I appreciate it. Always nice to be referenced on a high profile blog like yours.

    Being number 1 on Technorati was fun while it lasted. I agree about taking a screen shot and posting it, it was too good not to.

  7. Technorati is a total basket case. For the life of me, I can’t understand why they can’t seem to get their act together on basic functionality after being in the business for years.

  8. Thanks for the linky love. I’d return the favor if I thought it meant anything (coming from me) Maybe I will anyway. At least I could impress my friends.

  9. Everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame

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