Are Your Holiday Photos Safe?

The Holidays are typically the time for taking lots of family photos, so let me take this chance and remind you to keep your photos safe. For many of my readers safe increasingly means online, using photo storage/sharing services like Flickr, Zooomr, Smugmug, Picasa, and a zillion others.

Despite being a recognized cloud-computing fan, I am still keeping my photos locally though – and that requires a good back-up plan. ProtectMyPhotos has probably been the best photo backup & sync service – until now. Too bad it did not make it as a business: its closing doors on December 31st. That means you have 2 days to save your data locally and find an alternative.

My choice: simplification. I’ve already been using Mozy, a powerful yet non-intrusive online backup service for all non-photo data, so instead of looking for a photo-specific replacement, I’ve just reconfigured Mozy to include my photo directories in it’s backup routine. I lose some of the extra goodies ProtectMyPhotos offered, but at least got rid of some redundancy on my PC. Mozy has been reliably backing up my files for over a year now. The best part of it is that I don’t even notice it’s running. And now the shameless plug: if you’d like to give Mozy a try, use this registration link, we’ll both get an extra 250MB space. smile_wink


  1. Looks like a really nice service. What a pity it’s Windows-only! I wonder if they’ have any ideas os expanding outside the NTFS-only space — NFS couldn’t be /that/ hard to do…

    Then, too, I don’t expect that EMC is likely to go out of business anytime soon 😉

  2. Is this a pay per post review?

    I checked the ranking of Mozy at this site:

    I think, Mozy and all the other online backup companies are providing a valuable service.

    In 2008, my resolution is to use an online backup company and thie review site has made the selection so easy for me.

  3. Pete, I don’t do pay per post at all. I looked at some alternatives, e.g. xdrive, carbonite..etc and preferred Mozy.

    On the other hand, my blog received so many comments linking to BackupReview, that I wonder if they use paid commenters.

    Don’t get me wrong, when you mention it here, it’s entirely legit, but when it shows up in comments to entirely unrelated subjects, one has to wonder…

    Happy New Year.

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