Weird Google Blogger Error

blogger error

We’re sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

What request? I did not request anything. Did not touch my keyboard or mouse at all.

Describe what you were doing when you got this error.

I was simply reading this blog post when it blew up.

This is an error I’ve observed several times recently: click on a link to read a post on Google’s Blogger: the post comes up normally, but a few seconds after I start reading it, it just blows up and I get the above error.  But I haven’t touched anything – is this a speed-reading test?

Update: apparently it’s a frequent error, but typically encountered while publishing, not reading. 


  1. Affiliate ad refresh? Cookie timeout? Something like that may have persuaded G you’d hit the wrong key perhaps?


  2. Wonderful, now Google’s trying to silence my complaints about their services’ shortcomings by popping up cryptic errors when people try to read them. 😛

  3. For some reason, your comment wasn’t here when I posted earlier, David. It most certainly shouldn’t be an ad refresh; I don’t have ads on there.

  4. Curiouser and curiouser…

    Maybe it’s related to the google error that pops up occasionally when the SE is checking for bots. I have a pet theory about that, so maybe it could be related.

    I still think that something behind the scenes either in your browser or your page must have refreshed. Maybe you have active bookmarks in your browser that tried to refresh or something…


  5. Having a similar problem with another site today. Try visiting and see if you get a “Google Error” page.

  6. How do I refresh my Google Blogger page?

  7. Only problem I have is when I go to create a new page now, and put the word code in, it takes me to a error can not display page! Did not go that before. Maybe after you reach 100 blogs they do that to you.


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