Naked Buddies @ FastCompany

Naked Conversations co-authors Robert Scoble and Shel Israel are finally co-working again, as video-bloggers @ FastCompany TV. Shel’s show will be GlobalNeighbourhoods TV (GNTV), while Robert’s is – what else? – Scoble TV.

Congrat’s and have fun! (naked or clothedsmile_wink).

P.S. On second thought, if they plan to do a lot of Naked business together, they might invite the CEO if Zivity.smile_tongue

Update (1/30):  Robert posted the same pic explaining that they were NOT naked.  Of course not!  I remember, as I was there, at the 5th TechCrunch party, which became the Naked Conversations launch party.  So it’s a promo shot at a promo party – and hey, there is strong symbolism in the title, the co-authors did not get undressed just for fun (or who knows?beer). They are the Naked Buddies – as in co-authors of Naked Conversations. 

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