Sales Pitch: We Remove Vista

Via Todd Bishop’s Microsoft Blog.

Update (2/1): It’s on Engadget now.


  1. Wow. No, really, I’m amazed. OK, vista’s a pig – but XP? C’mon… Seriously, compared to XP Vista is a very good product. But… I use a Mac!

  2. ahem…..i use both in college…. on pcs we have windows xp and on macs we have os x so im well used to both… times a mac crashed on me – 4 times including corrupting my flash drive once. times a pc crashed on me – once.. and i didnt lose anything thankfully but yeah vista is a pig XD xp kicks ass though

  3. You didn’t have to add that Mac comment Caesar, it was obvious you had no clue what you were talking about just by your comment that Vista is a good product, even in comparison to XP. XP is considerably better then the farce that is Vista.

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