Sales Pitch: We Remove Vista

Via Todd Bishop’s Microsoft Blog.

Update (2/1): It’s on Engadget now.


  1. Wow. No, really, I’m amazed. OK, vista’s a pig – but XP? C’mon… Seriously, compared to XP Vista is a very good product. But… I use a Mac!

  2. ahem…..i use both in college…. on pcs we have windows xp and on macs we have os x so im well used to both… times a mac crashed on me – 4 times including corrupting my flash drive once. times a pc crashed on me – once.. and i didnt lose anything thankfully but yeah vista is a pig XD xp kicks ass though

  3. Someoneelse says:

    You didn’t have to add that Mac comment Caesar, it was obvious you had no clue what you were talking about just by your comment that Vista is a good product, even in comparison to XP. XP is considerably better then the farce that is Vista.

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