TechCrunch in the Toilet

No, I am not implying that TechCrunch is bankrupt, or heading into their own Deadpool.  TC has all the signs of doing just fine, with 700K subscribers and loads of advertisers.  But they are in the toilet, nevertheless – at least in a certain toilet.

Online file-sharing and collaboration startup is changing the ancient habit of reading your newspaper in the toilet.  (Frankly I never understood this habit, personally I prefer getting out of there as soon as possible, but for many people it’s a true ritual.)   The company, which just a year ago was 4 guys cramped together in a two-bedroom live-and-work apartment has grown to 20 employees and picked up two rounds of funding.   Flush with VC money, they equipped their restroom with a flat screen that shows an auto-refreshing display of technology news from TechCrunch.  No more newspaper in the bathroom!

I can’t help but wonder about the screen position though.  For all I know, this is only for the guys’ entertainment, gals usually face the other way – is still an all-male team?  And, without getting into the very material details, even we boys only perform one “operation” facing that way.., and that’s normally the quicker one. (?)

Aaron, care to clarify? smile_eyeroll


  1. First of all, I can’t believe that you would write “is [insert any software startup here] still an all-male team” — unfortunately, startups are still one of the bastions of the boys’ clubs, and I generally see much more gender discrimination (both in hiring practices and attitudes/behaviors) in small software startups than I do in larger organizations.

    Secondly, give a guy a visual distraction while he’s standing up peeing at a toilet (as opposed to a urinal)? That’s a recipe for having to clean the bathroom several times a day.

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