Police Loses Shoot-out with Killer Bees

This would be funny, if it wasn’t said. Yet I can see all the late night shows making fun of Mexican police trying to shoot on a moving target: killer bees.

Africanized Bees Attack Mexican Police

MEXICO CITY (AP) — At least 70 police officers were hospitalized after so-called Africanized bees swarmed a police shooting range in southern Mexico, authorities said Tuesday.

Talk about precision targetingsmile_wink.    But wait, there’s more:

The attacked occurred Monday in Tapachula, Chiapas, after one of the policemen hit the bees’ hive with a bullet.

Oh, so Police started shooting first.  AP has the wrong title, it should read:  Police Attack Killer Bees – They Launch Counter-attack.

Update (4/9):  Simple math from the Beemaster Forum:

70 cops with 36 bullets each (appox) = 2520 shots
1 hive = 50,000 bees (minimum on a healthy well established hive.

Sounds like the bees win.


  1. “Police Attacks Bees — Bees Successfully Counterattack”


    “Police Attacks Killer Bees and Lose”

  2. Angry bees give 50,000 reasons to not be a cop.

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