Failed SP1 Update: Vista Still Sucks

Pardon my French.. it’s not exactly my style, especially not in the title, but enough is enough. I’ve long given up detailing Vista’s countless failures, but somehow, unconsciously I still hoped things would get better after installing SP1.

Not that I could get it – I was one of the “few” who had an offending Intel graphics chip in my HP PC, so I could not get it for a while. Then today it showed up on Windows Update, so off I went to a spare laptop (XP) since I knew the update would take about an hour or so.

Checking it an hour later:

Service Pack did not install. Reverting Changes. Do not turn off your computer.

WTF? So now it’s gonna spend another hour, a total cost of two hours to get back to where I was in the first place? And they wonder (?) why everyone says Vista Sucks.

P.S. Windows 7, whenever it comes, should be released as “Vista Final”, free to all Vista victims along with Microsoft’s letter of apology.


  1. I am holding the fort for now and I am not making the SP1 update although a couple of people told me that the things got a little better. Well, the same number of other people told me that it just did not go through. Your post just added one more opinion to the DO-NOT-DO-IT-GO-BUY-A-MAC-FINALLY idea …:):)

  2. Feeling more glad I stuck with XP. Hope I can still when I return my current PC to school and get my own… Vista pre-loaded everywhere, so help me. 🙁

  3. Sooo happy with my XP. In my oppinion XP is the best OS i’ve ever used. (tried: dos, *nix, MacOS)
    MS knows Vista sucks, Bill Gates knows it too. The next one will have to rock, otherwise it’s over for them…

  4. Hi..

    Though no problems…..

    But i want to convey that yes some of the end users were facing such problems as you blogged about, There was some short of Bug which was making the system’s go handicap with sound and some of the other driver issues..

    The Best part for that is you uninstall the SP1 and then reinstall the same..

    You may get the things going…

  5. @Computer Support: Did you read the post, or just skim it and read the title? Zoli did uninstall the Service Pack, unwillingly. It failed to install.

    Your name, BTW, looks very spammy to me.

  6. Oh, in fact I did not uninstall it manually, it all happened as one process:

    • Windows update starts download
    • starts install
    • tells me to reboot
    • starts 3 steps of install after reboot
    • next i come back it’s already at the uninstall stage with the error message above

    All without touching it, just tying up the PC for about 90 minutes.

  7. Anonymous says

    I wish I was able to just uninstall this update, but this One Care program that came with my computer installed the update by itself whilst I was asleep. Now because of the update, any device I plug into my PC will stop being recognized the moment I unplug it and try to plug it back in again. I’ve had 4-5 devices stop working because of this, then I found out that there was some sort of driver problem that I have no idea how to fix.

  8. My vista keeps nagging me about an update and I keep trying to install it and it wont let me error # something what a steaming pile of ****. Because I cant install this one update it wont let me install SP1. When I try installing SP1 it gets to 95% and tells me to go **** myself! And it just keeps trying over and over and over again until I just turn the whole ******* PC off. Its a good thing I have spare XP computers. Vista what a waste of money and time its really not worth it. PLEASE AVOID VISTA ITS JUNK.

  9. I am really happy with my XP. In my oppinion XP is the best OS i’ve ever used. Microsoft knows Vista sucks, Bill Gates knows it too. The next one will have to rock, otherwise it’s over for them… and especially with Google Chrome as a newbie with the idea of dislodging their market share.

  10. I just received the update. Went through the update process 3 times and at the end of each install received the “Service Pack did not install. Reverting Changes. Do not turn off your computer” message. Turned off all my virus and spyware programs and made sure all prerequisite updates were installed. Anybody have a fix yet?

  11. I’ve used Vista for almost a year with no problems. I think it is far better in security and functionality than XP. Also, Microsoft’s new development environment, Visual Studio 2008 is the best software development environment out there hands down. It’s true that you probably need a new*er machine to run Vista because of device drivers. I would not attempt to switch to Vista from XP. There is no better environment to work in than Vista.

  12. vista is worthless. i wish that they allowed you to buy new computers with windows xp installed instead of vista. even best buy wont do it. they say “all the bugs are fixed with the newest updates” lol. what a load of ish. from the looks of it even if that were true you can’t even install the latest updates. lol xp 4ever.


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