Wow. I’m on The Industry Standard’s Top 25 B-to-Z List …

I am a life-long  Z-lister, no doubts about it.  But today I found myself on a much different Z-list: The Industry Standard’s Top 25 B-to-Z List Blogs:

These are the blogs you won’t see on the Techmeme Leaderboard, Technorati’s Top 100 blogs, or the CruchBase BloggerBoard … at least not yet. They include VCs, entrepreneurs, coders, experts, and observers, and they bring a delicious mix of insight, experience, and passion to their blogs. While they may not have the right amount of link love, they need to be on your radar screens.

I’m really-really humbled.  Last time I felt like this was when the Economist’s Business Intelligence Unit included me in their Thought Leadership list. Frankly, I had no idea what I was doing in such esteemed company, and I feel the same way now.

Writing “good” blog content is a tricky task.  My favorite posts, which I consider more thoughtful, analytical often get quoted, but generally don’t attract a lot of readers.  Then I have some of the quickies, like the Gmail import guide which become all time hits – at least in terms of traffic.  I also have ‘accidental’ traffic, like two days ago the tragic earthquake in China sent me over 10k readers – unfortunately, as they really did not find what they came for.  (more on this later).

Anyway, the part I really enjoy are the longer analytical pieces – which I don’t often have the time to afford.  But back to The Industry Standard list: thanks, guys, again, I am very-very humbled, and appreciate it.  And as a bonus, I am especially pleased to be featured together with fellow Enterprise Irregular Vinnie Mirchandani.

Wow, again… all I can say, I’ll try to keep up with the The Standard. smile_regular


  1. Congrats!


  2. You’re more than welcome! I’ve been reading your stuff for a while now.

  3. You’re welcome, Zoli. The idea behind this special feature was the observation that there are some great bloggers out there who seldom get the attention they deserve. There are many reasons why this is so, but we wanted to elevate 25 who consistently provide unique, quality insights. Richi Jennings has years of experience covering technology blogs, and I had some on my list that I wanted to mention as well. We are glad to include you in the final cut!

    Ian Lamont
    The Industry Standard

  4. Fantastic Zoli!!! Congratulations.

  5. Congrats Zoli!

    I share your surprise and delight in being included in the list (thanks again Richi and Ian!), and the extra bonus is that I’m able to discover great sites such as yours.

  6. I’ve just started to read your blog, but great stuff, and congratulations!

  7. MoxPearl says

    It’s a pleasant layout, simple to use, not draconian, it looks good, well laid out, your pic is cool, and when you write an “article”, you don’t go on endlessly into spasmodic crud, but have some good points, and end it, without hassle.
    You deserve it. You deserve the award.
    You also have interesting clickables on the right – easy access again.
    Good job.

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