Virtualinvoice: Time To Fight Back

There are  two types of computer users:

  1. The problem-solving techno-geeks who build hardware, hack software and enjoy every challenge, even bugs to dug themselves get deeper an deeper in… most of us have probably  been there, done that, then grew up.
  2. Those who simply want to use their systems for work, fun or whatever they damn please, and hate when they are forced to spend hours investigating problems that should not occur in the first place, and then they should be documented… I suspect that’s the majority of us.  A few hours here, half a day there, always in the worst possible time.  We feel it’s unfair that we are forced to work instead of [insert your favorite lousy company here]. After all, wear not on their payroll.

Enough is enough.  Let’s fight back!  If you’re a freelancer, or are in any profession where you bill your hourly, you know exactly what your rate is. Even if not, chances are you have a realistic estimate of your time’s worth.  Next time you feel you got robbed of a few valuable hours, just bill it!   Chances are, you won’t get paid, but you’ll feel better.   I certainly do, having just billed MicrosoftMozilla and HP. smile_wink

Remember to tag your invoice / blog post.. whatever as virtualinvoice: I will keep tab of the totals, and periodically publish them.

Viva La Revolucion! smile_shades

Update:  It looks like Bob Warfield is should send a Virtual Invoice about now …


  1. I think UPC would get hit with an invoice for about 20 hours. Counting only the period since I canceled my Net service.
    And then MS, Apple, Sony, Dell – where to send invoices about Linux things? 🙂 Could make a living out of it. Like most of us, I think. 🙂

  2. Please consider paying taxes as it’s virtual anyway 🙂

  3. Ram, I’d love to pay real income tax on these invoices 🙂

  4. This is absolutely Hilarious. Fun would be if you get paid by mistake. With big companies you never know.


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