The War in Georgia

\War in Georgia\


  1. Many nations in Europe have already had some bad experience of the Russian Bear. The way how Russia’s dealing with this issue reminds me to the communist times. It’s just disgusting!

  2. the cartoon itself is funny, by the way

  3. Russian Bear says

    Disgusting what?
    Russia protected fraternal nation by repulsing Georgia’s armed attack, and now makeы every effort to restore destroyed economy, communication, roads and schools.

  4. @a balazs
    I find it immensely hilarious that people, who haven’t got the faintest idea of what is happening, have such a definite and unshakeable opinion.
    Of course, everyone is entitled to have an opinion.
    But having some facts behind it would make it a bit more credible, than simply drawing shouting “the russians are bad!” line.

  5. I didn’t read all the post, but I wanted to drop my two cents worth. I do not think that the US under estimated Russia. We are smart enough to know what goes on in the world. It’s like a giant game of chess and it has taken a long time to weed out the pawns, so to speak. This is evident in old USSR doctrine. Then the USSR knew not to push the US to far or we bite back 10 times harder. They finnally see us as weak and that we are mostly bark and little bite. The left liberals both US and world wide have us so scared to act for fear of public and world opinion that we have to play patty cake. I say screw’em. If it’s the right thing to do and the President and congress support it then the heck with world opinion. It’s like living in a neighborhood and the “Home Owners Association” tells me how to landscape or what improvements or additions I want to make on my house. The hell with that, it’s my house and I’ll do what I think is best for it and for my family who live under it’s roof. Maybe I am ranting, but it ticks me off that people think what Russia is doing is okay. If North Ossetia in Russia said they did not want to be part of Russia and wanted to form with South Ossetia in Georgia, then Georgia armed and assisted the militants in North Ossetia, how the hell do you think Russia would respond? Right, they wouldn’t think twice about crushing Georgia and then just do it. South Ossetia is within the boundries of Georgia. If Russia has a problem with that they should have sought diplomatic answers and worked with world leaders and Georgia to resolve it. We all know that those breakway regions would never be allowed to do that so if the “Russian” citizens want to belong to Russia so bad then pack your crap and move to North Ossetia is what I say. It’s time to flex our muscle.

  6. Emory, it’s one of those cases where I just have to suppress the initial urge to respond…I simply don’t have the time to cite you lessons from world history.

    But we agree in one thing: I hate overzealous HOA’s, too:-)

  7. I figure I will get so comments about things like former USSR doctorine, which can’t be argued with me since I have seen facts on this matter. Or someone might see my comments about Rusia being wrong and it’s George’s fault for “invading” South Ossetia. I have seen it put that way too. But why would “peace keepers” assist in arming seperatist? (A fact that neither side can confirm officially) What have the “peace keepers” done to keep the peace? I think anyone South Ossetians with Russian passports or other Georgia citizens not allowing others to live in peace as neighbors in South Ossetia is wrong. The Russian passport holders are wrong for hating and mistreating civilians just because they are Georgian or vice versa. Georgia hasn’t said, to my knowledge, “Anyone claiming to be a Russian citizen to get out or else, but the Russians sure told the Gorgians too get out. So what happens when the majority of the world looks at this and says that the seperatist regions belong to Georgia? NATO has critisized the US plenty of times, especially some European contries, yet they all tend to agree this is wrong. Okay, so there is a disagreement, fine. What happened happened and it’s not to late to resolve. Why won’t Russia behave and live up to the agreement they made? Are they wrong by saying to the world that they will comply and then doing it half way? Is there such a thing as half of a lie? It either is or isn’t. So they either have done what they agreed to or haven’t. It’s obvious they have not. Putting the war asided, this alone should raise concerns. Did georgia make a mistake in their targeting, perhaps. I am sorry that Russia lost “peace keepers”. But to roll in and destroy homes and infastructure, loot, burn forest, and conduct land mine operations is way over kill. I am going back to Iraq in a couple of days so my bags are already packed. My feelings wouldn’t be hurt if we took a detour and “vacationed” somewhere in Europe. Sorry but I have a warrior heart and tired of fighting sissies and dodging IED’s. Don’t get me wrong, I am not looking for a fight but I will go anywhere anytime and fight anyone my country tells me too.

  8. Real Life and real war:

  9. ivan manolovitch says

    Emory, I have seen some of your comments in differen blogs regarding georgia – always the same indoctrination…. But let me tell you my opinion: You are not a warrior, you are not a soldier… soldiers dont write this b*llsh*t. I think that you are the born looser, sitting somewhere in the shadow, drinking your beer and trying to give an opinion…
    But never a soldier. you dont have the style and the education of a soldier… you are a LOOSER. Therefore please stop writing about things you really dont know about.
    Keep on trying, brother

  10. Ivan,

    You’ve seen my short response to Emory… I disagree with him on so many levels, but like I said, who has time to get involved in this?

    But as the blog owner I have the benefit of seeing the IP and domain info of commenters, and Emory’s comment came from a domain.


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