The World According to Americans

A little laugh before Debate Night – rediscovered on Dennis Howlett’s re-launched Dinglebum.

P.S. Apologies for the obsolete map.  It clearly should have been updated to indicate Afghanistan as our neighbors.  Oh, and let’s not forget about Czechoslovakia. smile_yawn

Update (11/27/09): Wow, a year later this is still going around….


  1. Still czechoslovakia? Oh c’mon! It has been over fifteen years since we split! 😉

  2. You forgot Poland!

  3. @Jan, I’m aware of that, but apparently not everyone is – click the Czechoslovakia link to see why 🙂

    @Rizzn, what am I missing?

  4. Oh my, the slovakian part in me is laughin out loud 🙂

  5. On your next update, please include the Republic of Texas.

    That map is hilarious. Thanks!

  6. This only furthers the steroetyoe of the ignorant american. In most cases nationalities never live up to their stereotype but americans obviously do. Americans are pathetic, arrogant pigs. The rest of the world has contributed more to society than america ever has.The rest of the world hate America, you are the root of the worlds major problems including the oil crisis, the global reccesion and eastern-western conflict. America are a war hungry nation that lack knowledge of any other culture and only influence the world with childish comedy, bad food, terrible movies and awful music.
    PS. Russia are no longer a communist nation, and they have not been for almost 20 years. Get it right you fucking idiots.

    • Leon, I think you think this map is serious, and
      if you do then you’re such an idiot.

      I agree Americans are uneducated and not very cultured at all, but you literally clumped the entire nation and called all of them
      stupid. No, we are not all poorly educated.

      And your statement about the rest of the world contributing more to society could be said about ANY nation. That statement holds not value.

      You shouldn’t say the rest of the world hates America, either. I know
      many people do , but people’s opinions about America (or any nation, really) vary. It’s not just black and white.

      Also, those aren’t the only major universal
      problems. There is environmental issues and over-population issues. You can blame both of those on the U.S. (although
      we do contribute to the former a bit).

      I don’t know a single war hungry American. Everyone I know, even if they aren’t very interested in politics, were ashamed of how are country acted towards Iraq.

      No one cares if you think Americans have childish comedy, bad food, terrible movies, and awful music, that’s merely your opinion on matters that don’t matter much.

      Jesus, America’s a young country, we’re obviously going to make mistakes. Cut us a LITTLE break.

      • **I meant MOST Americans are uneducated and not very cultured at all.

        I meant “You CAN’T blame both of those on the U.S. (although
        we do contribute to the former a bit).”

        Also I wanted to say “were ashamed of how OUR country acted towards Iraq”, not “were ashamed of how are country acted towards Iraq”

    • writerthnts says:

      hey leon, i dont know where u from, but i can guarantee you arent perfect either. seriously, get over yourself. And, just to let you know, not all americans are war hungry douches. Most of america objected to the wars we are currently in. And, for your information, we dont contribute bad movies to the world, we contribute awesome and theatrically amazing movies to the world that other countries beg and pay to be able to own. Dont care where you are from, my country kicks your ass at the box office.

    • Dude, they don't have sarcasm where you're from?

  7. yo this is so cool I’ll take it to Digg (with credit to you and your blog ofcourse). thnx 😀

  8. I guess Africa was left out purposely. Perhaps should have been added with a label that said “they have the resources we’re gonna take”?

  9. In addition to the Republic of Texas, the Republic of Boulder, CO should be shown;tiny as it may be.

    Also, isn’t there a colony of hobbits living somewhere east of the kangaroos?

  10. white wolf says:
  11. Any absolute statement is bound to be wrong, because there are always exceptions. I'm an American. I've always objected to the wars in Iraq and Afganistan. Ninety-percent of my friends objected to those wars. Judging an entire nation based on what you see on television is ridiculous, especially a nation of 300 million people. American culture is essentially what you get when you combine every culture in the world. Just look at your own countries. Is the caricature of your country as presented in the media correct? I've travelled extensively through South-East Asia, and I truly try to live like the local people. I lived among the tagbanwa tribe in Palawan, Philippines for a month. The people had not seen another white person in fifteen years. I'm seventeen years old. Its unfortunate when people like Leon say my country has not contributed to the world. Next time you take a flight, get in your car, listen to the radio, acess the internet, or call a friend, you are using American inventions. Every country in the world has contributed signifigantly both positively and negatively to to the world in which we live.

  12. Where the hell is Britain?? XD


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