Forbidden 403 Error in Gmail Contacts Manager


Error 403


Ouch … this is not what you want to see in your Gmail Contacts. Weird… and not fun, not even on Sunday.

It’s not system-wide, appears to be specific to one of my accounts – crazy log-in-log out sequence produces occasional access, but mostly the error. smile_sad

Update: apparently (thanks, Charlie), this is a more wide-spread problem than I had thought…


  1. Warrick Taylor says

    As someone who clearly uses multiple Gmail do you manage to have them all open and know which one you are in? I tried the Gmail Accounts plug-in for Firefox and it kept crashing my browser. Any ideas?

  2. Gmail Manager plugin is pretty reliable and does not craash…

  3. caspersuresh says

    Pls,Any idea to solve that.

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