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SaaS PlaneFellow Enterprise Irregular Evangelos Simoudis is definitely worth following.  As an active Venture Capitalist he often focuses on his portfolio experience – but through that micro-lense gives us an overview of the market, “The State of SaaS” per se, confirming / contradicting based on real life, real companies what many of us see as trends.

One such essay is Insight as a Service.  It’s about what I called the “hidden business model enabled by SaaS” in 2006: using aggregated data for benchmarking.  Four years later it’s no longer hidden, but a growing business with great future:

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The Cat is Out of the Bag (Again): The Not-So-Hidden Business Model in SaaS

Forget software: it’s all about (your) data.

Hyper-growing Financial Management system  provider and Quicken / MS Money challenger Mint recently raised eyebrows announcing their plan to sell anonymized aggregate customer data.  Some reviewers were screaming, we saw bombastic titles like Personal Finance Startup Mint Wants To Sell Your Money Trail – but in reality the news wasn’t earth shattering. You don’t really believe your spending patterns are not dissected – aggregated – analyzed in every possible way and sold by your bank and credit card company, do you? 

So nothing new – but a good opportunity to discuss the role of user data in SaaS business models – and there is more than outright sale of data.

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