Why I Quit Reddit – Actually, Reddit Quit Me

broke reddit Three years ago I was quite active on Reddit – at least for a while, until I realized just how manipulated it became. I’m not really holding it against reddit, the same happens on Digg and probably on all similar sites – nothing new here, you’ve probably read all this a thousand times, so I won’t be the 1001st 🙂

Suffice to say, I reduced my activity level, but occasionally still found interesting items I voted up or down there. Hack, I even broke Reddit – or that’s what it said.

Then it broke me. A few months ago I noticed I could no longer log in with my usual credentials.  No reason to worry, that’s what password recovery is for:

reddit no user

Oops.. “no email for that user” – I don’t exist.  Reddit killed me 🙁  Except it’s not really true.  Reddit still knows me as a user:

reddit zoli

Still no reason to panic – that’s what support is for.  Or so I thought.  Most of the support links require logging in, which I obviously could not do, but eventually I found a feedback form, which I duly filled out – and am waiting for a response ever since.

As a last resort I tweeted up @reddit – but as it turns out that’s not a real Twitter presence for Reddit – it’s just a marketing bot that reposts popular reddit entries.

End of story… and I don’t really care.  I’m quite happy with StumbleUpon instead.

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Reddit Sick Today

Digg competitor Reddit has been unhealthy lately. Yesterday it spent all day in read-only mode citing a database update which would be completed in a a few hours. Today it appears to be back, but it does not accept my login credentials. No worries, that’s what password recovery is for – except on Reddit, where it returns a python script error:

Update: Feedback does not work, either.

Update: They must be working on it. I can now log on, but password recovery still does not work. Instead of the script error, it now tells me “no email address for that user” – still not true, but better than the script error.

Update: Ouch… dear Reddit, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you had such sensitive soul … and database:


So That’s What Facebook is All About…

A fairly mundane article put into new light by this Reddit title: Incoming Freshman Alert: How Sex Works.

…the goal of sex is to merge two sets of genetic information

Aha … so that’s why Freshmen are all over Facebook. 🙂