Why I Quit Reddit – Actually, Reddit Quit Me

broke reddit Three years ago I was quite active on Reddit – at least for a while, until I realized just how manipulated it became. I’m not really holding it against reddit, the same happens on Digg and probably on all similar sites – nothing new here, you’ve probably read all this a thousand times, so I won’t be the 1001st 🙂

Suffice to say, I reduced my activity level, but occasionally still found interesting items I voted up or down there. Hack, I even broke Reddit – or that’s what it said.

Then it broke me. A few months ago I noticed I could no longer log in with my usual credentials.  No reason to worry, that’s what password recovery is for:

reddit no user

Oops.. “no email for that user” – I don’t exist.  Reddit killed me 🙁  Except it’s not really true.  Reddit still knows me as a user:

reddit zoli

Still no reason to panic – that’s what support is for.  Or so I thought.  Most of the support links require logging in, which I obviously could not do, but eventually I found a feedback form, which I duly filled out – and am waiting for a response ever since.

As a last resort I tweeted up @reddit – but as it turns out that’s not a real Twitter presence for Reddit – it’s just a marketing bot that reposts popular reddit entries.

End of story… and I don’t really care.  I’m quite happy with StumbleUpon instead.

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Why Cambrian House Failed – it’s All in the Pizzaz

Cambrian House, the poster-boys of Crowdsourcing are essentially dead – assets being sold in a garage sale for a fraction of what investors put in. TechCrunch and Mark Evans speculate the House collapsed due to poor execution.

Of course.. in fact they were doomed to fail, and it was obvious ever since the 1000 pizzas episode. This is what I wrote back then:

They are not afraid of unusual publicity stunts, although frankly Feeding Google was more about noise than being smart: followed by cameras, completely unannounced, they descended on the Google campus with 1000 pizzas at 3pm.
Did you get that? Google, as in Google the company famous for it’s free gourmet food, at 3pm, as in just after lunch, before dinner – no wonder they were soon escorted off campus.
Cambrian guys, I have a free idea for you: next time set up camp with your 1000 pizzaz at Stanford, you’ll be heroes and won’t leave without 100’s of new ideas…and I don’t even want 75 points, just invite me for the pizza-fest.

OK, I admit I am being sarcastic. And I liked the concept, too bad it did not work.


Salesforce (Crispy) Ideas

Jeff Nolan recently discovered that CrispyIdeas, a service the Enterprise Irregulars used for a while (it got spammed after we abandoned it) was acquired by was the most prominent customer for CrispyIdeas, the service powered IdeaExchange. Not to be overlooked is the Dell IdeaStorm site, which generated more traffic than the Salesforce service even if being less well known.
It appears that Salesforce quietly acquired CrispyNews and has rebranded their offering as Ideas

A few weeks later TechCrunch reports that is unleashing their Digg-for-ideas, “Salesforce Ideas”.

Quite a quick turnaround! smile_shades


Reddit Sick Today

Digg competitor Reddit has been unhealthy lately. Yesterday it spent all day in read-only mode citing a database update which would be completed in a a few hours. Today it appears to be back, but it does not accept my login credentials. No worries, that’s what password recovery is for – except on Reddit, where it returns a python script error:

Update: Feedback does not work, either.

Update: They must be working on it. I can now log on, but password recovery still does not work. Instead of the script error, it now tells me “no email address for that user” – still not true, but better than the script error.

Update: Ouch… dear Reddit, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you had such sensitive soul … and database: