Google’s FeedBurner Social Isn’t Quite Ready. Back to TwitterFeed – for Now.

googtwitWhy bother with an intermediary when we can now have FeedBurner send our blog post to Twitter directly?

– I wrote in Startup Bloodbath in Social Media and I meant it.  But for now, we’re switching back to TwitterFeed.

The new Feedburner service that pushes blog posts to Twitter directly isn’t quite ready. Let’s just say it’s a bit too trigger-happy: it pushes an update after every “save”, even minor updates to already published posts.

This is so crappy, we’re switching CloudAve back to TwitterFeed – for now.  Because it is crappy enough for Google to fix it soon – and then we’re back to the original formula: no need for intermediaries.

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Startup Bloodbath in Social Media?

Image credit: Evil Fish Google announced their own URL shortener. Great.  But some startups may be panicking.  The TechCrunch title says it all: Just Got Fu.kd: Facebook And Google Get Into The Short URL Game.

Of course is not the only possible casualty, but they are the dominant one in the URL shortening space – or at least they have been so far…

But what most commentators haven’t noticed is another feature from Google: FeedBurner social, which might very well kill TwitterFeed.  Yes, why bother with an intermediary when we can now have FeedBurner send our blog post to Twitter directly?  Check out the URL for this very post on Twitter: it’s the shiny new variety.

And it’s not over yet.. just as we’re absorbing what all this means, here’s news of Twitter testing business features, including the ability of multiple users posting on behalf of one organization..  Somehow I don’t think CoTweet, HootSuite and a bunch of others are too happy about it.

Are they all doomed?  Not necessarily – right now they all offer additional features (multiple accounts, scheduling, stats..etc), but nevertheless, it must not be very comforting when the Ultimate Giant enters their space…

Oh, yeah, I know … we’ll soon see the statements from all these startups welcoming Google, validating their markets…etc. 🙂

(Cross-posted @ CloudAve )