Google Redefines Meaning of Dance

Brian Solis and Philipp Lenssen report from the annual Google Dance Party – well, they tried to report, but apparently both were handled by polite but helpless escorts (no, not *that* kind, rather from the Google PR Nursery) who all but prevented them from meaningful reporting or even take photos showing real activity:

After being escorted and handed off to no less that five various handlers, I soon realized that their real purpose was to keep us herded and controlled so that the information, pictures, and video that came out of the Google Dance party, adhered to a legitimate standard for security – says Brian.

Now, please tell me what’s wrong with these photos:

You guessed (?) it right: nobody seems to be dancing at this dance party. Which makes me wonder, if we’re simply not seeing “action” pics due to the effectiveness of the escorts, or … could it simply be VGDD? (Valley Geeks Don’t Dance) smile_wink
Update: remotely related: Google started zapping faces on Google Maps StreetView.

Read more at , Google Blogoscoped and AccMan (Dennis Howlett). Photo credits: Brian Solis.

Dancing Update (8/23): Thanks to Matt Cutts, here’s evidence that there was real dancing at the Google dance. As both bloggers above mentioned, only people labeled “Press” and carrying pro cameras had their access controlled, if you were there just to have fun, you could pull out your little cam / phone and shoot away happily.


  1. Are you sure you’d even *want* to see them dance?

  2. Question Mark Dance

  3. Exactly. I don’t think you’d hit the same amount of rhythm with them…

  4. OK, I admit, I can’t dance either … 😉

  5. I was there, and much dancing took place.

    e.g. or just search flickr for google dance 2007. 🙂

    P.S. Could you add some info to your “About” page? Right now it says “This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself …”

  6. Matt, Thanks for the dance pix, I’ve updated the post. And .. ouch…a good reminder re. the “About” pages. When I moved from Blogware I thought I’d fix it all in days.. time to do it now.

    Thanks again!

  7. i saw some funny coverage about this event here:

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