Gmail Search is Slowing and Google Knows…

Perhaps the best thing Gmail has going for it is the power of search: the ability to instantly find everything. Except that instant is getting ..well longer and longer. And make no mistake, Google knows it, to the point that there is now a message recognizing the fact:

The Still working message comes up when you are waiting for search, stuck to the point that you can’t move away, stop the search …etc: your options are either wait it out, or close the browser/window. A Windows-like experience? smile_sad

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  1. That message shows up whenever Gmail’s having network trouble or some other problem that causes the service to slow down; it’s not limited to delays in the search.

  2. Although my main mail is still Yahoo, I’ve always admired Gmail for being able to attach files so quickly. I wonder what’s causing this delay? That “still working” would sound pretty funny if only it didn’t carry with it ominous implications for Gmail users.

  3. Zoli,

    I’m just curious if you a Windows or a Mac man? I would have to guess your all about IBM/Apple. I grew up on those machines myself and am very fond of them still in certain areas.

    And yes…I have noticed some issues with Gmail lately that Google needs to address.

    I hope all is well!

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