Gmail Contact Manager Does Not Support URLs?

I find it hard to believe…so much so that I ask everyone to open my eyes: what am I missing here?  Gmail’s Contact Manager (the new one) allows you to capture the typical data like email, phone, address, photo ( a great plus!), IM, but there’s no field to capture homepage addresses!  (???).

You can add as many fields as you like, but only of the pre-defined types, and if you use the Notes field to enter websites, they don’t become clickable URLs. 

Of all companies on Earth, Google is the last one I would expect to NOT care about capturing web information…

Update: Charlie “Spanning” Wood adds:

…worse yet, it uses one big blob for mailing address instead of having fields for address, city, state/region, postal code, etc.

And we wonder why it’s difficult to sync Gmail contact data…

Voyagerfan5761 adds that the ability to add custom fields, a handy feature supported in the earlier Gmail version is gone now, too.

Add to this the idiotic restriction that now you can only delete 20 contacts at a time, and one can really wonder if the new Contact Manager in Gmail is a step back in functionality – albeit with nicer boxes. thumbs_down

(Oh, you wonder why you’d want to delete contacts?  Because Gmail adds anyone you respond to as a contact, without the ability to change that default).


  1. Yeah, that’s not good. But worse yet, it uses one big blob for mailing address instead of having fields for aaddress, city, state/region, postal code, etc. I’m optimistic they’re working on that as we speak.


  2. No wonder Plaxo and others (there’s this Spanning Thingie around?) are having a hard time synchronizing this data mess…

  3. Call it vanity, but could you put the ‘1’ into my name above? Thanks. 🙂 (You’re welcome to delete this comment once it’s been acted on.)

  4. Ouch, sorry… fixed.

  5. Definitely a step (or two or three) backwards. And am I right that it’s no longer possible to create a group just by typing in a bunch of addresses? Or am I missing something as well? (What I mean is that previously you could just start typing in a bunch of addresses and it would create a group whereas now you have to add contacts one-by-one.)

  6. Yes, I haven’t played with this before, but you’re right, you have to select them first, than add. It might be a bit of hassle to create a group of 10 from a contact list of 1000+ 🙁

  7. Molly Mangan says

    Any word from Google on addressing theses issues? I’m ready to leave GMAIL due to the poor contact management. It seems to have a really immature data model.

  8. Gmail has disappointed me time and time again and I have since stopped using it for this and other reasons. I’m now using for contact management stuff… it’s free, you can sync contacts in very easily from webmail and Outlook or Excel, it has a ton of space, and it’s also a business networking community. so really other than for email there’s nothing contact-mangement-wise i use any of my email addresses for anymore.

  9. I TOTALLY agree. The lack of flexibility is terrible. The only 2 things I like is the weblink to a map (which is a no-brainer), and the specification of an IM client (though not sure what that is good for, since google chat is only works with gmail addresses).

    Please return to the old – faster and trusted.


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