Google Gears goes Mobile – Zoho First to Take Advantage

Mobility is supposed to be about 24/7 connectivity, isn’t it?  I’m writing this on a a 7.2Mbps HSDPA mobile connection while visiting my parents in Hungary.   HSDPA is like 3G on steroids, and we’re not even close to universal 3G coverage in the US.  What’s more, forget data, I’d be happy with just universal voice coverage right here in the heart of Technology.  I get measly coverage (half a bar only right next to the window) in my house, but what’s a real shame, try talking on a T-mobile phone on the long walkway from Parking to the International Terminal at SFO: zero, nada, no signal at all.

Until that’s fixed, mobility isn’t about 24/7 connectivity, it’s about 24/7 access, online or offline.  Which is why it’s great to see Google Gears Mobile released today, initially for Internet Explorer Mobile on Windows Mobile 5 and 6.  Now you don’t lose vital information when your phone goes offline. 

The first two apps taking advantage of Gears Mobile are Buxfer a finance tracking application and Zoho Writer.


The current Zoho Mobile Offline version (wow, that’s a mouthfulsmile_tongue) is view only – if you recall, it did not take long for Zoho to add edit capabilities to the Gears-based offline version on the desktop, so we can likely expect the same here, too.

This video presents Zoho Writer Offline in use.   As a reminder, Zoho also works on the iPhone, at at – offline support will come just as soon as Google Gears will support it.


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  1. What other web apps would you like to see Gears and offline enabled?

    Brad Neuberg
    Google Gears

  2. -All other Zoho Apps
    -Google Calendar

    Anyone with anything else?

  3. Oh, how could I forget my own hot issue: fixing Google Reader Offline would be nice.

  4. i have implemented gears with wordpress and its make more fast when editing it

  5. I am very happy to see that Zoho is the first one to take advantage of that. He really deserves that and we all know how much he wanted this.


  1. […] There’s a nifty 5 minute video that shows how Zoho Writer works on mobile and Zoli Erdos has a rundown of the service. […]

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