My Very Short GTDInbox Experiment

I wanted to get organized about my ever-growing inbox, so I thought I’d give GTDInbox a try, especially after reading the positive reviews on both WebWorkerDaily and ReadWriteWeb

My experiment has lasted a grand total of two days. Firefox freezes every hour or so, I just can’t stand it anymore.

Of course it doesn’t necessarily prove GTDInbox is the offending party; for all I know it could be any other Firefox extension that was a sleeper until now, yet in combination with all the others it now misbehaves.  But it’s beyond the point: I am a user, not a tester, so I took the easy path out of this nightmare: remove the most recent addition, and the freezes will stop.

I still like the concept, so will look at GTDInbox a few releases later.


  1. I have also installed GTDinbox couple of days ago reading positive reviews in the blog you mentioned above. I think I got more confused and my firefox became too slow. I removed within a day. I use it IMAP too its very confusing with that. May be I am not capable of handling but its not surely make things easy.

  2. Hi Zoli & Kinjal,

    I’m glad to see this has shown up here – I used to follow this blog a lot but then accidentally lost it – it’s good to be back!

    GTDInbox has some stability issues, but it’s mostly with Gmail itself (and as of 2.0.4 – available at – pretty much eradicated). Performance wise, it’s designed to be as lean as possible (and to clean up after itself when it’s done). Things like performance and stability are actively reviewed with every release, so whatever happens they should increase over time.

    And Kinjal – I’m sorry to hear you’re confused. I plan to make a video introduction; but really GTDInbox is little more than a structured way to think about your inbox; but then if you mostly use IMAP it probably isn’t that useful!

  3. Andy,

    Thanks for coming back:-)

    Wow, you’re a fast moving target… I don’t know which release I had, perhaps 2.0.2? But I inly found 2.03. on your site, where is 0.4?

  4. Apologies Zoli – I got a head of myself there 🙂 It’s up now! If you continue to suffer issues that you suspect GTDInbox may be responsible for, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email with the details of your setup (

  5. I’ve been using it for several months and I haven’t noticed any additional instability. Maybe it’s some weird add-on combination you have there. Try an empty Firefox profile (with no other add-on other than GTDinbox). Or try the latest version.

  6. Ricardo,

    Thanks, I agree – in fact that was my point, too. It may very well be interaction with another extension, a misbehaving one.

    But I don’t have the time or desire to investigate, hence the easy way out: unistall.

    I will try out the new release though, as Andy above says it’s more stable.


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