Windows 7 = Vista Final

I like Jason Hiner’s prediction @ TechRepublik: Microsoft will leapfrog Vista, release Windows 7 early, and change its OS business:

And that’s why Microsoft will ultimately try to quell the embarrassing Windows Vista debacle by making a bold move with Windows 7 to win back customer loyalty and generate positive spin for its most important product.

What will happen next?

My prognosis is that Microsoft will use smoke and mirrors to conjure up an early release of Windows 7, the next edition of the world’s most widely-used operating system. Then they will quietly and unofficially allow IT departments to migrate straight from Windows XP to Windows 7.

Yes, we’re almost there. Except that it doesn’t take care of customers (including yours truly) royally sc***ed by Vista. I wasn’t kidding when I said:

Windows 7, whenever it comes, should be released as “Vista Final”, free to all Vista victims along with Microsoft’s letter of apology.


  1. From all the WPF and Silverlight community, not to mention those doing WCF applications and others we will go on enjoying Vista, it’s wonderful UI and hardware acceleration and the enhanced security that we have, that those on XP can only want. You have a right to your opinion but it doesn’t make it truthful or factual. Maybe you just don’t like it or have something against Microsoft?

    We who know how to turn on and off those features of Vista we want (including a one-click revert to the Classic Windows UI) really like the OS. I have been using Vista x64 on quite a few machines (from laptops to desktops with multi-cores) for nearly two years now. All hardware in-specification with Vista. I think the least expensive one was $400 and still did everything without crashes etc..

    Your blog entries make me wonder if you have ever installed the latest Vista or have experience with it’s features.. I have had that experience even with a network, and your experiences and opinions are so far from my own reality with the product I really question what you are saying..

    It’s not perfect, but there are a lot of reasons to like it, and honestly it’s selling decently according to released info including to Mac Hardware owners..

    Vista has generated a lot of customer loyalty with people who use it and like it, and *WE* are out there..

    Are you sure your comments are based on how things work now at this very moment or is it based on some anti-microsoft political opinion. There are those out there that could help you to understand and like Vista (at least more than you state now) if you are having issues with it and want to talk about what those are..


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