Windows 7: Multi-touch and Salt in the Wound

Today the world is raving (not really) about Windows 7’s multi-touch capabilities. Yet the overwhelming feeling I have about the latest Bill & Steve show is disappointment. I feel betrayed…abandoned. They created this turd Vista, then instead of fixing it they move on to the next thing. I’m left behind with this piece of junk. Incidentally, here’s another telling Vista screen, captured today:

You know, the famous Vista copy problem supposedly fixed in SP1. (OK, I realize this is deletion rather than copy, but it’s file manipulation nevertheless … I assume it’s the same problem)

I really wasn’t kidding when I said:

Windows 7, whenever it comes, should be released as “Vista Final”, free to all Vista victims along with Microsoft’s letter of apology.

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  1. I totally agree, but only on the premise that the new version of Windows is actually better than Vista! I mean hopefully Microsoft has learnd its lessons and will get an OS that will:

    1.Boot up in under 5 Mins
    2.Actually allow you to use your graphics for something useful, like GTA4 or HL2
    3.Does not kill all peripherals that are under 1 year old due to lack of compatability.

    So basically the opposite of Vista..

  2. Perhaps the will ease us into the touch style of input technology in a later SP of Vista??? I don’t know, but I can say after using my new touch interfaced smart phone with Windows Mobile 6 I can say that I am ready for this style of input device technology on all of my computers! The only better than touch to me would be if they ever got Speech Server working and mass deployed as part of their OS releases.

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