Google Finally Ends the Folder vs. Label War – What’s Next? Find the Answer Here.

Bear with me for this somewhat long post, for I am not only discussing the sweeping changes Gmail made today, but in the end will also tell you what they are going to do next year – or perhaps after that.

Gmail Changes

The Gmail label changes announced today and to be released to accounts slowly (you may not see them yet, I only have them on one account) are ones that I’ve long been waiting for, and that most reviewers seem to underestimate, thinking of them as mere cosmetic or usability changes, i.e. “drag and drop”, “right-side labels retired”..etc.  We can always trust good old Lifehacker to call it what it is: Gmail Gives Labels the Folder Treatment.

Folders vs. Labels

Because they are. Folders, that is. Just very few people realize that.  The Folders vs. Labels debate is older than the tenancy debates we discussed recently, with two deeply religious camps (apologies for the extreme characterization):

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  1. Its really exciting to see all the changes that has come across G mail accounts in past few years, But the introduction of themes and now this drag and drop your mails into labels is the easiest and fastest way.The one other introduction in G mail am looking forward to is that of flipping through mails without going back to inbox every time.

  2. G mail has been widely used around and i am pretty sure that it will be continued to used further. It is good to know that G mail is makes some serious changes. These are surely going to help out many people.

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