Ryanair to Make Passengers Stand

The barebones low-cost airline is considering standing-room flights.

Can’t be much worse than sitting on most airlines today, right?

– says Jeff Nolan.   But wait, these flights may be free!   Says Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary:

Why is this any different to what happens on trains where you see thousands of people who cannot get a seat standing in the isles?

There’s still room for further cost-cutting, like shrink-wrapping passengers and piling them up in the cargo area 🙂 Or do like the Flintstones:


(You can purchase the original here for a lot more than a Ryanair ticket)


  1. I don’t really get his point about standing on a train. Is he really comparing local trains (where standing do occur from time to time) to international flights?

    I really dislike RyanAir but when a ticket from Oslo to Liverpool costs me roughly $50 it is difficult to choose the alternative.

    • $50? That’s expensive:-) I heard of barebones flights within Europe for single-digit prices …

      • Yes, you can get them for a $5 if you plan way ahead. But normally you would have to pay taxes which is maybe $20-30 in addition to that. That $50 ticket was bought just a few weeks before I travelled though so it was a very good price considering SAS or BA would probably charge more than $200.

        • Must feel horrible to pay $30 taxes on $5 purchase price… but yes, still a good deal.
          I’ve just updated the post with another cost-cutting idea: shrink-wrap passengers and pile them up in the cargo area:-)

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