Ryanair to Make Passengers Stand

The barebones low-cost airline is considering standing-room flights.

Can’t be much worse than sitting on most airlines today, right?

– says Jeff Nolan.   But wait, these flights may be free!   Says Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary:

Why is this any different to what happens on trains where you see thousands of people who cannot get a seat standing in the isles?

There’s still room for further cost-cutting, like shrink-wrapping passengers and piling them up in the cargo area 🙂 Or do like the Flintstones:


(You can purchase the original here for a lot more than a Ryanair ticket)


Experimental Green Flight Across the Atlantic

American Airlines is about to test eco-friendly new technology on it’s regular flight between Paris and Miami this Thursday.

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How to Take a Long Vacation in Hawaii

Simple: just fly Aloha.  The last two flights today.



Update (4/3): Now ATA went belly up (again), leaving passengers stranded in Oakland and Hawaii. This is criminal.


Improving Customer Service

Jeff Nolan rants about his bad experience with Frontier and United Airlines. Nothing new there, we all have our own horror stories. (My “favorite” one is the Christmas flight to Los Cabos, which was supposed to be a 3-hour quickie and became a day-and-a-half nightmare by way of Phoenix, airport motel..etc, courtesy of Alaska Airlines.)

The reason why this rant is quote-worthy is that Jeff moves on, and comes up with some creative ideas to improve customer service.

This led me to highlight a couple of things I could wish to inflict on United:

1) United CEO Glenn Tilton has to give up his private jet and fly around the country on scheduled flights in the last row of the airplane, next to the lavatory.

2) United’s top 500 executives will get dispersed around the country to different airports for the week between Christmas and New Year’s to work the baggage handler, mechanic, cleaning crew, customer service, gate agent, and flight attendant jobs. Everyone works a new job each day until they rotate through all of them.

3) United’s top 500 executives have to greet passengers in the terminal at O’Hare, Denver, SFO, and Dulles airports one day a week until their customer service ranking moves from last to the top 3.

4) Lastly, and this one is serious, Tilton and the other execs have to personally call 5 customers a day to apologize for their shitty airline.

I love these ideas, and seriously, they would work. If United Management cared to improve service, that is… smile_sad


Do Airlines Outsource their Frequent Flyer Programs?

I’ve never noticed this before .. .or perhaps this is the first time it’s happening? Anyway, I’ve today I’ve received email statements from United, American, US Airways, Delta, Southwest and British Airways. Could this be a coincidence, or are all these airlines outsourcing the management of their Frequent Flyer program to the same provider?

I suspect Vinnie will know Thinking