This Reminds Me of My Old Boss (Dilbert)

At least the ‘write down part’.  His process for dealing with email was:

  • Have Assistant print and fax email to whichever hotel he was staying in
  • Make handwritten notations on fax, ask hotel to fax it back to his Assistant
  • Assistant would then type it as email using his account

The whole process would take only 3 days or so …except when the fax had to be forwarded to another hotel since he had already moved on.

Oh, btw, he was a VP at a very big, very hi-tech company 🙂

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  1. rich haus says

    Wow, that is sad! But, believable.

  2. Dennis Gorelik says

    What did happen with that company's stock price since then?
    Is the CEO still in charge?

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