I’ve Got Productized by Nokia

It’s not every day one sees his family name as headline on TechMeme.  Well, if that name is Scoble or Arrington, sure, but for the rest of us it’s a red-letter-day…

Well, it just happened to me, courtesy of Nokia, and the shiny new Nokia Erdos luxury phone.  Last I checked a few years ago, they could not keep up with demand for the $5K Vertu phones in platinum, gold and diamond casings.  The Nokia Erdos will only have brushed aluminum casing, but it’s stuffed with hi-tech, like the OLED display, a rising keyboard, 5 megapixel auto-focus camera with Carl Zeiss optics, etc.  Here’s a promo video:

(Why is this, and all other copies on Youtube so blurry?)

Anyway, back to Nokia.  I’m a little pi***ed that they did not ask me … but in the end, it’s OK.  I don’t get productized every day, after all.   Just remember to send me a test unit, Nokia!

Come think of it… I think I Open Source my name.  Apple, Dell, Sony, BMW, Mercedes..etc, I’m looking forward to your Erdos models.  Just don’t forget to send a courtesy unit.

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