Google Storage Price: Fastest Inflation Ever

As I’ve reported before, this morning several Gmail users found their accounts had 9030MB storage, instead of the typical 2.8G. A few hours later Google Blogoscoped and Google Operating System discovered that we can now purchase additonal storage on Google, via this account management screen. Here’s the price scheme they reported (annual prices):

  • 6 GB – $1.00
  • 25 GB – $75.00
  • 100 GB – $250.00
  • 250 GB – $500.00

If you think 6G for $1 per year is too good a deal, you’re right. By the time I tried it, the price for 6G was $20. The $1 price was not a typo though: see Philipp Lenssen’s screenshot and order receipt for the $1 pricing.

From $1 to $20 in minutes – that’s probably a world record in inflation…

Has anyone else grabbed it for $1?

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Update: I can’t help but wonder about the timing: is Google trying to rain on Microsoft’s parade? They’ve just announced Windows Live SkyDrive– whith a whopping thumbs_down 500Mb of online storage. 500Mb sure goes a long way .. where’s the upgrade option?

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Update (8/10): The Gmail storage counter stopped counting / growing. My Google apps accounts are frozen at 2048MB, non-branded gmail accounts at 2886MB. Michael Arrington said it right:

Today Google said they were not going to play that game any more. They effectively took their toys and went home. I never thought I’d see that.


  1. Has anyone else grabbed it for $1?

    Yep, I got it for $1 after they’d already increased the price to $20 because my previous shopping cart session hadn’t expired. More here.

  2. I wish I could remove that notification message “You are almost out of space for your Gmail account.
    You can view our tips on reducing your email storage or purchase additional storage.” WITHOUT having to buy more storage…


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