No, the Sky is Not Falling in Startup-land

Lot’s of noise today, RIP Good TimesIT’S OVER! POP GOES THE BUBBLE, Sorry, Startups: Party’s Over etc.   I think the panic is overdone.

Sure, a lot of startups will fall – and some of them would have done so without a recession anyway. Times are officially tough, but the truly strong businesses will survive, and some of the Web 2.0 whiz-kid baby-CEOs  will come out of this as battle-hardened Entrepreneurs.

Talk about Executives… some can wreck the business on their own, they don’t need a crisis: see Entellium wrecked by fraud.

Finally some startups think they can keep on re-architecting forever – see NetBooks, ViewPath (the latter just came out with a new product though.)  Good luck to them… wonder if their market runs away…

These are some of the thoughts I’m discussing on CloudAve today – read more here.  Even better, grab the feed here.

Update:  Want to get off the “Sky is falling” treadmill? Need inspiration?  Find it here.

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  1. Zoli
    thx for the link. Where I disagree though is that there won’t be replacements for the startups that fail. Startups always fail, always have, always will, but you take out new ones getting funding, and pop, there’s goes the bubble, because you aren’t replenishing your supply of startups

    Where I do agree though is for existing startups: there as many opportunities in this market for smart startups..indeed some are saying we’ll be better for it. Many will survive, and be smarter and more profitable for it

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