Bush Street Renamed Obama in San Francisco

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San Francisco Olympic Torch Costs Hugely Underestimated

The City of San Francisco hugely underestimates the total cost of the Olympic torch run (more a hide-and-seek) in San Francisco.   Here’s the breakdown of costs by City agencies:

— Police Department: $504,896.75

— Municipal Transportation Agency: $149,516

— Department of Public Works: $55,995

— Fire Department: $12,000 (approximation)

— Recreation and Park Department: $4,000 (approximation)

— Total: $726,407.75


But that’s city agencies only, the true total cost is significantly larger.

What’s missing is the cost of lost productive time by the tens of thousands of people who lined the streets of San Francisco early morning in the hope of getting a glimpse of the torch.  All in vain, as the torch took evasive action.

(photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid)


San Francisco Torchured

The Olympic Torch took evasive action on San Francisco. It was here and not. The best part of this fiasco was the Twitter coverage .
My personal favorite: chadcat : if the Torch goes on a boat what will the runners do, jog on a treadmill? 

More selected morsels below in reverse chronological order:

tokboxchris : The Olympic torch reduced to sneaking around and juking protesters

KanuDawg : Just went outside as torch just went up Van Ness near work- nothing but police sirens and helicopters: total clusterfuck=accomplished << (2008-04-09 17:25:45)

SXHotdogs : acarvin: NBC11: It was an Olympic Torch Ride, then a Drive, then a Run, now a Walk. << (2008-04-09 17:21:31)

sftorch : Katrinskaya: the torch has taken evasive action. FUNNY. << (2008-04-09 17:18:10)

hdwilliams : It’s torch aerobics…run, walk, step into the bus, step out of the bus. Stand up, sit down, deep knee bend!! << (2008-04-09 17:14:40)

krismet : lame- no torch but naked protesters! << (2008-04-09 17:15:37)

zoliblog : Police alreday claiming success re. torch. Sure, nobody saw it. #torch << (2008-04-09

joshuarudd : Apparently the torch is in three different locations now. << (2008-04-09 16:54:25)

Delilah021 : Torch was re-routed!!! Bullshit!!! Started on Van Ness, likely won’t hit Embarcadero. All of us people ready to cheer, for nothing. Damn! << (2008-04-09 17:11:56)

Katrinskaya : the torch has taken evasive action. FUNNY. << (2008-04-09 17:11:11)

ajonesin : If I were a bank robber I would totally be robbing San Francisco banks right now. All the cops are with the torch! << (2008-04-09 17:11:07)

ryancoleman : they could have at least let the runner hang his head out the window and hold the torch… << (2008-04-09 16:54:05)

sdwindham : so, let’s see: If the torch runs through SF, yet no one actually sees it, was the relay a success, or was the protest? << (2008-04-09 16:53:43)

zoliblog : Torch hide-and-seek. Wear the crowd down? #torch << (2008-04-09 16:53:20)

Rubin110 : #torch It’s a trap. The city of San Francisco just Rickrolled several thousand people

ronjon : Nearly 40 minutes after lighting, still no idea where the Olympic torch is << (2008-04-09

chadcat : if the Torch goes on a boat what will the runners do, jog on a treadmill? << (2008-04-09

joshuarudd : Apparently the torch is in three different locations now. << (2008-04-09 16:54:25)

therahmin : #pier5 the scene has been hijacked by protesters – word is that torch will travel via coast guard boat << (2008-04-09 16:58:58)

niterider : [TT] The Olympic torch? Who has it? Where is it? Watching this cluster fuck on TV is amusing << (2008-04-09 16:58:31)

williamsba : why on EARTH does SF have an amphibious vehicle leading the torch run? hahhaha that’s awesome! Run for the sea!!!!!! << (2008-04-09 17:04:14)

zoliblog CBS says torch still inside Pier48. Others reported it left in a bus, othes that it’s on a boat

zoliblog If nobody sees the torch, it’s secretly driven around, can SF claim they actually had it here?