When Your Technology Fails, Hire More Sales…

That seems to be the Technorati recipe: TechCrunch reports they have a new Sales VP with a 7-person sales team, and a new marketing lead. This build-up was likely in preparation for the new business, Technorati Media, a newly launched blog advertising network.

Technorati indeed needs a business model, so if this is it, fine. It’s just frustrating that they’ve spent the past two years in search of business models, while their service gradually fell apart. Anyway, in the spirit of the new-new business, I suggest they sell advertising on the Technorati page we see most frequently:

This was the rant – for details see: CNET, Maple Leaf 2.0, Web Strategy, Trends in the Living Networks, A Media Circus, Andy Beal’s Marketing Pilgrim


Microsoft is Dead

After all the speculation by Paul Graham, Steven Hodson, Rod, Nick Carr and others, I now have the proof that Microsoft is Dead:

After all, if no-one writes about it, it must be dead.

Unless … it’s the Technorati Monster again.

Update: TechCrunch just reports that Technorati introduced a new streaming Topics feature:

…some may suggest that the move today is a case of shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Perhaps that explains the outage.