Windows Desktop Search: Microsoft DOES Listen, After All

I wrote about the Windows Desktop Search controversy several times: in a nutshell, under the auspices of installing Live Photo Gallery, Microsoft installed their Desktop Search product on XP systems, without asking for user permission or even bothering to notify users.

I’m glad to report proof that in this case Microsoft listened to their customers (or their own lawyers?):

Windows Live Photo Gallery no longer requires WDS (Windows Desktop Search) to be installed on XP! Again, we heard the grumblings loud and clear, and took action! Once you have installed the update via Microsoft Update and have build 1299.1010 install

There’s more, most importantly ability to easily upload to Flickr, which is no small feat, considering Flickr is now a Yahoo property. I’m wish Google followed suit and enabled Picasa to Flickr uploads. (Hello! Anybody there?)

My previous stories on the WDS controversy:


  1. can you search fro results in another computer that has indexed the files already

  2. how in the hay do I put Win Desktop Search in an on-demand ONLY position?
    instead of running all the processes and down by systray icons all the time when I start it?

    Please help me here?!
    Much thanks! 🙂

  3. I don’t know if you’ve already gotten the answer, but there is definitely a third-party program out there that will put a button into Picasa to send your photos to Flickr. There’s a similar one for Facebook, which I know works nicely (at the very least WAY better than Facebook’s own uploader did) I don’t use Flickr, so I don’t know how well that add-on works…

  4. Yes, I know the add-on … of course the ideal solution would be Picasa to Flickr sync. Fat chances of that 🙁

    Thanks for the tip though!

  5. In my opinion, the WDS is not good to handle and needs too much system resources. some kind of things are really complicated to set, like the network possibility of “shared index”.
    you search an oulook contact…ok 3 minz later you have it. thats to long and to much klicking around.
    thats why I prefer searching with lookeen. more and more people use it and its reputation is really good!
    I really can recommend this powerful outlook plug-in, with which you are able to search your mails and your desktop incredible fast! the link is:

    greetz, glen

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