1. Zoli

    Where is the merge docs option?

  2. It came up right on the main docs page, when I first accessed it. Since this was the “Apps” version, it was all blank, the message was somewhere in the middle. It failed several times, even though the userid/pw was already the same on both accounts. Finally I looked at every little detail, and the time-zones did not match. After fixing this, the conversion went through.

    Sorry I don’t have more precise details, can’t test it again, don’t have any more pre-conversion accounts.

  3. cheers Zoli

    It almost, but not quite, works for me

    I take it you don’t use iGoogle? seems like it’s unable to take an old google reader feed and a new gmail feed (for example and show on the one iGoogle startpage

    or something?

  4. Wow, thanks! You have adressed the very thing which has confused me since I signed up for Google Apps. I still have some questions, though. If I remove Gmail as a service and associate my Apps account instead, what happens to everything in Gmail? Does it get deleted? Merged? What happens to incoming email addressed to the Gmail account?

  5. Ben,

    I never got started on IGoogle, for the very chaos I mentioned before:

    As for Google Reader, I exported all to an OPML file just in case I would need to start fresh. But I continued to access Google Reader even after the transiton. The only confusion was the account name: while all other apps displayed my email, Google Reader continued to display the address, even though I logged in with the new credential. This made me worry, thinking I might lose it, but in two days the gmail name disappeared and now Google reader correctly shows me with the new addy.

    Sorry I don’t know anything about the iGoogle situation. But from all the above, I suspect Google Reader does not have two versions, it was only available with your Google Account (no Apps version), so only the login credentials changed.

  6. Brent,

    You lose it all. Seriously.

    What I did works for those who never wanted a separate gmail account after switching to their own domain. Since I did it more than a year ago, I forwarded all my gmail to the new Apps email and oen by one changed login info at several sites I had previously use the Gmail account. Before removing Gmail, I made sure I did not have anything but junk hitting it anyway.

    If you can’t shut down your Gmail account, then perhaps you should try to enter your Apps email address as secondary address, like GOS and Blogoscoped are suggesting.

  7. Brent,

    See my post update for more details.

  8. This is waaaay to complicated. No civilian (non-techy, non-early adopter) would waste their time jumping through so many hoops.

    If Zoli can’t figure this out and get it running properly, then it can’t be done.

    Michael Krigsman
    Project Failures

  9. Zoli, I’m confused.

    I have a non-Gmail Google Account I created expressly to use in co-existence with my Google Apps account. I used a different email address for the Google Account, per Google’s directions.

    I went in and changed the email to match my Google Apps email. It seemingly didn’t change anything — I try to login to and it prompts me to create a new Gmail. I log into Google Reader and click the link in the top left to Gmail, and it does the same.

    What has been fixed? Or have I forgotten to do something?

  10. Ravi, I don’t think you had a reason to change anything… you probably did not experience any of the problems to prompt such a change in the first place. (?).

    The problems I described earlier were specific to the early accounts, when the only way to sign up for Google Apps was by linking to an existing Gmail-based Google Account.

  11. @Zoli:
    Ah, ok. I thought this might be a solution for integrating/syncing a Google Account with a Google Apps account (so if you login with your Google Account, and click on Gmail, it takes you to your Google Apps email instead of prompting you to create a new Gmail).

    Here’s to hoping for the day they finally fix *that* issue…

  12. New to Google Apps and going slightly crazy…

    If I make a google account with my Google Apps email address as suggested, will I be able to import an OPML file from my old google reader and then put the reader on my Google Apps start page?

    I formerly used iGoogle, but I’m trying to switch over and recreate my iGoogle as my start page. Any help much appreciated!

  13. Kat – no

    I got stuck here as well – google apps has ocs, cal, mail and chat. All the other stuff is linked back to your old google username. For some bizarre reason igoogle/google apps start which is, after all just a mash up of different feeds, does not allow external feeds to be bought in (ie gmail email with google apps docs)

    Go figure!!!

  14. Change is so hard! Thanks for the quick reply. I suppose I will just add a reader link in my start page header and stay logged into a Google account under my domain name.

    Also chat works in Safari on regular Gmail but not in google apps gmail, I’m really surprised the Apps pages aren’t further ahead of the consumer pages, almost as a beta test group.

  15. Robert Andrews says

    My Apps account didn’t require that I enter my Google Accounts details. Can I still combine my domain account and Google account?

  16. Zoli,

    Works like a charm.

    I finally have the ability to use iGoogle again [can’t stand the GAFYD ‘attempt’], and most importantly – Google Reader.

    Thank you for sharing.



  17. What happens to my orkut account if I delete Gmail service from my Google account?

  18. HELP!!!!!!
    I signed up for Google Apps today, thinking it would make calendar sharing easier. BUT, I already had a google account associated with the same email with google docs and google calendar. Then I got an error message, saying I couldn’t use my calendar because it was already associated with another account!
    All I want at this point is to DELETE this stupid Google Apps account, but I CAN’T!!!!! it seems it won’t let you????
    I have been a loyal GMail user since the beginning, but this just SUCKS!


  19. Kat,

    In order to use the ‘new’ features with google apps, you need to enable it explicitly. From the dashboard for your google apps domain, click on the Domain Settings tab, then for Control Panel, make sure you have “Next generation (US English only)” selected. Also make sure you check “Turn on new application feature to my domain before they are rolled out to all Google Apps customers.”

    Once you do that, it could take as long as a day or so before you get all the new features, like coloured labels, etc… This should allow chat to work in Safari too.

  20. This only worked partly for me:

    Google Analytics no longer recognized my profiles and prompted me to “get started” all over again. However, Webmaster Tools, AdWords, Groups, etc. recognized me under the new email address just fine.

    This also still means I have two separate Google Apps.

    When accessing Calendar from GAFYD, it says “Oops another calendar has been created for [my domain email]”, and gives two options for resolving it. The second option is to start using a new calendar with my domain, but actually has my domain listed as “null”:

    “Start using a null calendar”

    A weird bug, obviously…

    And I still can’t access Groups from my new domained Google Apps, and vice verse, can’t get to my domained email from my Groups account…

    Still very confusing and disappointing.

  21. If I have adsense, analytics and other google accounts besides simply calendar, docs, etc. Will these accounts also be automatically changed or is there something I need to do before I delete my gmail?


  22. Do you know how this effects Gtalk? Is that lost as well?

  23. Nate:

    I’m concerned about GTalk, too, and I believe that this scenario might break it. You can remove GMail as a service from this Google Account, but you can NOT remove GTalk as a service.

    I found that this severely confuses Google’s handling of XMPP requests. It looks like the Google Account’s GTalk service may take priority over the GAFYD GTalk service.

    Can anyone confirm? I found that I could continue to communicate with existing GTalk buddies, but establishing new buddy relationships was broken (sat at “waithing for auth” forever).


  24. Google Apps is a GREAT idea, but seems really over the top for personal use if you have your own personal domain registered and just want to tie it in your own email address with a Google account.

    i.e. log in with your and be able to access ALL of the available Google websites plus send and receive email as Simple.

    Logging this on the Google Groups page I think…

  25. Okay, not exactly sure what you’re saying; maybe you could help…
    I originally joined Google as; I’m a big Reader, Docs and Calendar user there. I later joined Apps as; I use it mainly for Mail. So you’re saying I can delete (with as new primary address) and… *what* will happen? I’ll be able to login to the former as… ?

    What happens in the case of the services which will be shared on both Apps and standard Google? Like, what happens when a service wants to add an event to Calendar – will it be added to Apps Calendar or standard Google Calendar… ?

    Also, as a precaution, a while back I created a separate Google account – but this is unused – could or should it come in to play, or should it even be deleted?
    I’m keen that I use Apps for every service which has an Apps version.

    In the case of Calendar, I think I’ll probably end up exporting events from Google Calendar then importing them back up to Apps Calendar, actually, rather than as part of a migration. But this would be difficult for Docs and Reader (all that juicy reading history), so I’d like this to come as part of a migration if it wouldn’t spoil anything…


  26. David Jacobson says

    What I find ironic is when my *Apps* GMail inbox is empty, the following Google ad blurb is displayed:

    “No new mail! Want to read updates from your favorite sites? Try Google Reader”

    Followed the link figured out real fast that my Apps credentials weren’t going to work… and I wonder if Chrome would log me out of Apps if I logged into Reader using my (yrs old now) public login? …hmmm.

    Thx for this insightful thread!

  27. @David, wow, I’d love the luxury of an empty inbox 🙂

  28. David Jacobson says

    Yeah, I was only able to achieve this feat with a catch-all address, and massive amount of forwarding, filtering, labeling and archive rules.

    This concept is what I love about Apps GMail.


  29. Hi! I thought I’d found a way to solve my problems. Alas, I’m not so sure. I have wanted to get my Apps email on my iGoogle. So, I deleted the Gmail account, and I used my Apps email address as my new login. But all I have now on my iGoogle is a Gmail box asking me to create a new account. Am I missing something?

  30. Andreas Warberg says

    Hi Ted

    Your Google Apps and normal Google accounts are two separate accounts.

    I would prefer my Google Apps account to be a superset of a normal Google account, however it is not. If it were, you would be able to login to iGoogle using your Apps account.

    Unfortunately Apps is missing things like iGoogle (replaced by nerfed and bookmarks.

    Google chose to copy over only some features from normal Google to Apps eg. calendar and docs & spreadsheats.

    The bottom line is that you need two accounts to get the whole package ie. a normal Google account and your Google Apps account. What Zoli propose here is to create the normal Google account using the e-mail address matching your Apps account (and *not* establish a mailbox for the normal account).

    However, having to use two separate breaks certain things, even though your “username” is the same e-mail address,

    For instance I cannot use the Google Toolbar to access my bookmarks (from my normal Google account) and at the same time check my mail.

    The dual identities also confuses due to the functional overlap. For instance how do I decide where to put my docs & spreadsheets? They can reside in either account.

    I hope some day Google will give the option to merge normal and Apps accounts, whose primary e-mail address are identical.

    Best regards,

  31. Why can’t google just introduce a domain name system into Google Accounts – they could even put the ‘purchase domain name’ link all over google and make money out of it…

    I’d just like Google Accounts to be able to take over the redirection of my domain name…

    Is this overly simplistic?

  32. Hi,

    I’ve been struggling with this problem for 3 years now – prompted to try and fix it again by the fact that I now have an Android phone, and half of the apps on it use my Apps account, the other half my googlemail account. So I was hopeful that your instructions might finally help me unite the two.

    Sadly not to be though – I followed your instructions, but when I try to delete the GMail part of my googlemail account using I enter my Google Apps email as the “new email address” and it give me the error “A user with the email you specified already exists” – it even gives me a link to a help page explaining how I remove my Google Apps email so that I can carry on using the googlemail (sheesh!)

    Any ideas?

  33. Regarding iGoogle – not supported in Apps!:
    Really can’t understand their strategy…

  34. Hi,

    I'm not sure I can delete my old gmail account as I've got too many things still going to it, its all forwarding to my apps e-mail. I just want everything to work! I set up a new google account using my apps email but I have got no calendar, docs or mail unless I log back in through the proper apps link.

    I can't belive all those intelligent people at Google can't create a simple solution! It can't be that hard. Perhaps they just don't care 🙁

  35. waveguerilla says


    You forgot one important thing.

    Google Apps is not for a single account but for multiple users of the same domain so there can be 10, 100, 1000 or more users for only one Google Apps account. Either can have mail, docs, calendar… So Google Apps is for a company.

    But I understand the need to combien personal gmail to a Google Apps account that contains only one user. I need it too :p


  36. Thanks for this post, that got me mostly straightened out, I think, at least as far as linking things like YouTube, Google Reader, Blogger, and Google Analytics to my Apps account.

  37. Thanks for the info. The most depressing thing is the date: January 20th, 2008. Almost two years have gone by, and we still can’t change the primary address from a Gmail account to a Google Apps email account.

    I can’t delete my Gmail account. It will take months of watching incoming emails to determine that I really have informed everybody of the new address – including the hundreds of people and organisations I’ve been in contact with over a long period. It’s depressing really. I just have to suck it up.

    I can’t think of a more disappointing experience with Google since I began using their services.

  38. Axel Taferner says

    Can anyone share what happens to contacts when following the directions from this article? Will I still have to maintain two sets of contacts or do my Google Apps contacts integrate into other non GAFYD apps such Google Voice, Google Wave and Google Talk? How does it affect the newly launched Google Buzz?

  39. Google changed things around authentication a few months ago, and the above "solution" is breaking down in several places. While obviously never a true solution, it was a decent workaround… now it looks Google is forcing users to split their identities between a branded (own domain) and instance. Not good … will do an update post soon.

  40. It's too bad they don't just allow Google App's Accounts the ability to become Google Accounts. Usernames would still all be unique, so merging all's with shouldn't be an issue. Then everyone could log in to wave, reader, etc. My main issue stems from the popularity of my name (Jon Wilson), which prevented me 5 years ago from creating a "professional" name (all variations of jon, jonathan, robert, and wilson were already taken).

    More recently I got a domain and installed google apps, but still have and need my original gmail address, which currently forwards to my apps account.

    At some point in time they must realize that there are a finite number of meaningful "" usernames, and allow app accounts the ability to use the additional services.

    I wonder what is preventing them from allowing domain users the ability to use all the normal google account features/web programs? (technical difficulty? money? lack of demand?)

    I look forward to your 2010 update!

  41. Hello. It's so reassuring to see people smarter than me struggling with the same issues. I have the gmail account and the apps account, both use the same email address and as a consequence I'm getting all the confusing issues described herein. I would like to completely delete the gmail account and access my email strictly through apps, but the dire warning about losing all data scares me. I have all the emails i need saved in my apps email, so if I completely delete and shut down the gmail account with same email address, will that cause all apps emails to be likewise deleted?

  42. Thank you for the updates!

  43. Seems Google+ made the nightmare return…..


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