SaaS is an Ancient Model

Lots of talk today about how the SaaS market will ‘collapse’ in two years.  I don’t get it: if it survived 40 years, why would it collapse now?  Yes, that’s right, SaaS has been a successful model for 4 decades now. Need proof?   Check out Technorati linking to my post on the NetSuite IPO 11119 days ago.  That’s 38 and a half years, give and take a few weeks. smile_nerd

Oh, well, that was the fun part, for real analysis check out my fellow Enterprise Irregulars:

Jason Corsello, Anshu Sharma, Vinnie Mirchandani, Bob Warfield, Josh Greenbaum.



  1. Zoli, I have the same situation on Profy with the same 38 years 🙂 It looks like all the blogs hosted either on or blogspot have the same strange glitch.

  2. Hi there, I just came across your blog. I’m a bit of a SaaS proponent and definitely agree on the “time and place’ qualifier.

    I talk about managing our netsuite implementation over at

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