The Obama Administration Badly Needs Google

The Obama administration wants to reset US relations with Russia, and in a symbolic gesture Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented her counterpart, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with a huge RESET button when the met in Geneva.

Except the button did not really say reset: it said перегрузка (peregruzka), which, as Lavrov pointed out means overload.   Now, we don’t want to overload relations with Russia, do we?

Congratulations for the State Department translatorss for getting it right.   Here’s my bailout proposal for State: fire the translators, just use Google Translate:


I Could Win this Primary

Oh, Twitter is fun:

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BreakingNewsOn With less than 0% of votes returned in PA, Clinton leads with 66% (1,649 votes) in the Democratic race; Obama at 34% (838 votes). 16 minutes ago from web Icon_star_empty reply to BreakingNewsOn

Zoli Erdos
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Election Humor

Techmeme’s political sister-site, Memeorandum is full of speculation on how the New Hampshire polls could be so wrong. As usual, conspiracy theories abound, amongst them speculation on the role Diebold’s voting machines  played in the results.  I’m not joining the speculation, nor can I completely ignore it; after all, we’re hearing about voting machine problems all the time, several states decertified them… but I simply don’t have enough facts to take sides in this debate (although I wrote about the issue in the past)  That said, a little laugh does not hurt … and you have to admit these posters are just hilarious:


There’s more where they come from: Diebold Variations, (c)2004-06 Rand Careaga/salamander.eps.