Amazon’s New Wine Business Already Obsolete

Amazon will soon start selling wine, reports the Financial Times.   Too bad it’s based on an obsolete model: physically shipping bulky goods.  It’s like shipping boxed software, when it’s available on the Net.  Or bulky books when it’s available on Amazon’s very own Kindle.

It’s time Amazon entered the 21st Century, the age of Waas: Wine as a Service.

(Watch the video here in case the embedded player does not work in your feed.)


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Forget SaaS, Here Comes WaaS


Wine as a Servicesmile_tongue (hat tip: dinglebum)

You can buy it here – me thinks it’s a better deal than dehydrated water. smile_eyeroll

P.S. I can’t believe this did not make it to the Economist’s 2008 tech predictions list…or anyone’s for that matter:, broadstuff, Darren Herman , Feld Thoughts.

(Yes, I admit, I am playing TechMemesmile_wink)