Amazon’s New Wine Business Already Obsolete

Amazon will soon start selling wine, reports the Financial Times.   Too bad it’s based on an obsolete model: physically shipping bulky goods.  It’s like shipping boxed software, when it’s available on the Net.  Or bulky books when it’s available on Amazon’s very own Kindle.

It’s time Amazon entered the 21st Century, the age of Waas: Wine as a Service.

(Watch the video here in case the embedded player does not work in your feed.)


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Stupid Website Driving Customers Away

Sterling Vineyards is one of my favorite destinations in the Napa Valley, and it’s not about the wine.

It’s a pristine setting: interesting architecture nestled in the mountains, aerial tram ride to the top, beautiful views of the Napa Valley all make it a desirable tourist destination on its own. You can easily spend an entire lazy day there. Oh, yes, they make good wine, but it’s kind of secondary (well, to mesmile_tongue).

This being another gorgeous sunny weekend, visitors might want to check Sterling’s website for opening hours and other details. Of course the site promotes wines, but it’s not an e-commerce site, you can not order anything directly.

So why on earth do they feel the need to put up obstacles discouraging visitors from entering their website? You can’t enter without filling out the form below. What kind of bogus “protection” is this?


Forget SaaS, Here Comes WaaS


Wine as a Servicesmile_tongue (hat tip: dinglebum)

You can buy it here – me thinks it’s a better deal than dehydrated water. smile_eyeroll

P.S. I can’t believe this did not make it to the Economist’s 2008 tech predictions list…or anyone’s for that matter:, broadstuff, Darren Herman , Feld Thoughts.

(Yes, I admit, I am playing TechMemesmile_wink)


I’ve Got Competition…

…and in fact it’s rather enjoyable. Or who knows … it’s easier to try Zoli’s Wine Blog‘s recommendations if you live in Europe. (No relationship other than being namesakes).